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The Family Pack! We Are Legion, Mastiff, Plague of Stars, Insect Death and more.

by We are Legion , Plague of Stars , Mastiff , and Insect Death ,

$30.00 / On Sale

A collection of the We are Legion/ Mastiff projects and their members.
Features We are Legion "Exit Humanity", Mastiff's "From the Ash of Elders", plus the following releases Insect Death's "Perpetuating Idiocy" (solo album side project from WAL's Will Maravelas), Paul Esch "The Experience of Not Knowing" (Wal Guitarist solo flamenco album) and Plague of Stars "When Morning Came" (Wal members aaron Lanik and Will's gothic dark metal project) and Glutton for Punishment albums "Live Homicide" and "Purified in Blood" (Al from WAL and mastiff new band!)

That's 7 full length albums for only $40! We will even throw in some Legion drinking cups, while supplies last! You should get these!